Call for Paper

Topics of Interest

We invite original paper submissions related to (but not limited to) the following topics:

  • Parallel Architectures and Hardware Systems:
        - General-purpose and domain-specific parallel architectures and accelerators
        - Memory systems for parallel and distributed systems
        - Networks and interconnects
        - Parallel I/O and storage systems
        - Power-efficient architectures
        - Warehouse-scale computer architectures and systems
        - Parallel and distributed embedded systems
  • Software Foundations for Parallel Computing:
        - Parallel programming languages, programming models and compilers
        - Domain-specific languages for parallel and distributed systems
        - Programming environments and tools
        - Runtime systems
        - Operating systems and system virtualization
        - Resource management
        - High availability, reliability and fault tolerance
        - Scalability in parallel systems and software
        - Performance modeling, analysis and tuning tools
  • Distributed and Cloud computing:
        - Reliability, availability and security in distributed and cloud systems
        - Distributed and cloud storage systems
        - Distributed caching, and query processing
        - Workload characterization of cloud systems
        - Managing, debugging, and diagnosing of cloud systems
        - Peer-to-peer computing
        - Grid computing
        - Pervasive and mobile computing architectures
  • Parallel Algorithms and Applications:
        - Design and analysis of novel numerical and combinatorial parallel algorithms
        - Protocols for resource management
        - Communication and synchronization on parallel and distributed systems
        - Parallel algorithms handling power, mobility, and resilience
        - Massively parallel applications
        - Fault-tolerance of algorithms
        - Network algorithms, scheduling and load balancing
  • System Support for Emerging Applications:
        - Natural language processing
        - Speech synthesis and recognition
        - Computer vision
        - Secure architecture
        - Trusted computing, Block Chain
        - Quantum computing
Conferrence Details

Important Dates

First Submission

April 30, 2021, UTC +8

Second's Submission

May 31, 2021, UTC +8

First Notification

May 30, 2021

Second Notification

Jun 30, 2021